Who developed Molly’s Irish Cream?

Industry Experts who have a long history in the development, production and marketing of Irish Creams.

Where is Molly’s produced?

Molly’s Irish Cream is produced using state of the art technology in one of the oldest cream liqueur plants in the world. The facility was once owned by Baileys and is situated in a small rural town called Bailieborough which is located 50 miles from Dublin in the heart of Ireland’s dairyland.


Molly’s is a natural fusion of Fresh Irish Dairy cream, aged Irish Whiskey, smooth Irish spirits and the finest natural chocolate.

What is the alcohol strength?

17% alcohol by volume.

What makes Molly’s so creamy and smooth?

One third of a bottle of Molly’s is pure fresh Irish cream and we use a unique natural blending process to combine the cream with soft Irish spirits and smooth Irish Whiskey. Together, this produces arguably the world's smoothest Irish Cream Liqueur .

Does Molly’s mix with other drinks?

As with all cream liqueurs, Molly’s can be mixed with other spirits and with coffee. However, as Molly’s is made with fresh cream, it should not be mixed with citrus based drinks. For a full list of Molly’s Cocktails, see our Molly’s Irish Cream Liqueur drinks recipe.

What is the shelf life of Molly’s?

Unlike many cream liqueurs which have a shelf life ranging from 9 to 18 months, Molly’s Irish Cream modern blending process coupled with the level and quality of ingredients used delivers a 2 year best taste shelf life. This is comparable with the category leader. As with all cream liqueurs, they taste best when they are at their freshest. There are no additives or preservatives in Molly’s Irish Cream and once opened, it is best to consume within 6 months.  

How should Molly’s Irish Cream be stored?

Molly’s Irish Cream should not be exposed to extremes in temperatures and moving it from hot to cold and back again is not ideal. Example: if Molly’s Irish Cream is stored in the refrigerator, it should be kept in the refrigerator.

Does Molly’s contain many calories?

347 kcals per 100ml which , for a delicious glass of pure indulgence, is less than that of chocolate!

Is Molly’s Irish Cream Gluten free?


What is the sugar content of Molly’s?

The sugar content is 20.8% (7.6 g per 37ml. 1.3oz serving).

What level of carbohydrates is in Molly’s Irish Cream?

Molly’s contains 9.7g per 37ml/1.3oz

Molly’s Irish Cream won a gold medal from the BTI – What is this award?

The BTI stands for the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago which runs an independent and annual taste review of international spirits. Molly’s Irish Cream scored 91 points and was voted ‘Exceptional & Best Buy’ in its category.

What size is Molly's available in?

Sizes available are: 1.75 ml | 1 liter | 750ml | 50 ml